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Mining Pumps

Ram Pumps specific mining application packages are designed for unmatched reliability, high capacity, and high productivity in the most demanding mining environments.

Whether your operation needs a fixed fluid transfer station or the generic flexibility of a mobile or trailered solution, our equipment is engineered to operate reliably in the toughest mining environments.

Ram Pumps core fundamentals for quality and reliability remain paramount throughout our mining specific products, we ensure site standards and requirements are met through our technical assessment and project team.

When capacity and mobility are vital to the operation, our solutions provide a cost-efficient resolve to customers, capable of performing in the harshest environments. These portable plants can be easily towed into a mine and assembled on site in relatively little space of time or supplied mounted on a specially designed transportable base to alleviate any assembly at its end destination. Just hook-up and go.

All pump package assemblies are designed and manufactured to the current API 674 standard. This ensures compliance with a set number of directives, standards and best practises for reciprocating pumps by the American Petroleum Institute.

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