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Tailor Made Pump Packages 

Ram Pumps Ltd. has over forty years of experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of pump packages.

Ram Pumps understands that each environment is unique and requirements will differ from application to application. We adhere to those exact requirements in every pump package we sell.

Our team has a wide range of knowledge and experience in training in the operation and maintenance of our pump packages.

Using our extensive range of pumps as a foundation, Ram Pumps Ltd can offer tailor made pump packages to suit exact customer requirements.

The manufacturing process is minimised since integral parts are either the same/similar across the pump range. Design time is also minimised allowing decreased lead times to customers.

Our larger capacity standard pumps extend to 750kw with application duties being achieved by applying the latest design practices and material selections. These units are often selected as a single pump solution and have proven reliability in meeting the most demanding of duties. Typically these pump packages are supported by specialised auxiliary equipment ensuring the reliable operation, control and protection of the unit.

The smaller pump ranges are provided similarly in accordance with the clients specification and applicable standards, which will normally include a detailed factory performance test prior to preparation for despatch.

Recent Packages include:

  • Batch Corrosion Inhibitor Package
  • Methanol Distribution Package
  • M.E.G Injection Package
  • TEG Circulating Pump Packages
  • Steam Turbine Driven Reciprocating Plunger Pump Package
  • Slops Pumps - Wet Sour Crude + Seawater Pump Package


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