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Oil and Gas Pumps

Ram Pumps has forged a solid reputation within the Oil & Gas market through dedication to high quality and reliable API 674 product solutions.

Each pump project is specifically defined and designed to exacting customer specification to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations for product reliability and more importantly, quantified sustainability in the most extreme process environments.

Confident in our supply to both onshore and offshore facilities, Ram Pumps Ltd incorporate through our audited supply chain, only the highest quality auxiliary products into our pump package designs. With all our designed product and materials being sourced categorically from UK, European, US and Japanese supply, we ensure full quality control and acceptance.

All pump package assemblies are designed and manufactured to the current API 674 standard. This ensures compliance with a set number of directives, standards and best practises for reciprocating pumps by the American Petroleum Institute.

Although not limited to, our main process supplies include:


  • Crude Handling & Treatment
  • Water Injection
  • Water Handling & Treatment
  • Heavy Oil and Upgrading
  • Re-Injection
  • Sub Sea


  • Hydro Cracking
  • Distillation
  • Hydrocarbon Processing
  • Utilities
  • Fluid Transfer


  • Gas Processing
  • Gas To Liquids
  • LNG
  • Crude Pipeline


Home/ Packaged Solutions/ Oil and Gas Pumps