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Ram Pumps Ltd adopts many proven industry standard techniques to monitor and maintain our high quality product through our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

What truly sets Ram Pumps manufacturing facility apart from others, is its utilization of the latest industry technologies and practices to ensure full compliance with ours and the industries stringent quality expectations.

Through our continual improvement initiatives, extensive experience and deeply intrinsic organisational commitment, Ram Pumps has pushed the boundaries of our KPI expectations to the forefront of the organisations priority.

This has resulted in a strong reputation for reliability, sustainability and continued quality support from a single component through to a fully operational package solution.

All pumps and package solutions are manufactured under the constant monitoring and guidance of the company’s QMS system, which extends from electronic material batch traceability to internal project manufacturing specifications, generated in compliance with both the customer’s requirements and stringent industry standards.

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Home/ Organisational Capabilities/ Quality