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I consider myself extremely lucky that part of my job as a Ram Pumps Service Engineer is to travel the world, visiting our customers at their various locations in order to perform routine service visits. This means that I get to meet our customers face-to-face, gain useful feedback and offer advice, as well as see our pumps installed and working in various surroundings and applications.
The service visits of a Ram Pump Engineer can take place both on and offshore. The primary rule of Ram Pumps and all of our customers is always safety first. As a pre-requisite to my offshore visit at the end of March I was invited to undertake a H2S training course at the McDermott site in Dubai. I was pleased to have been given this opportunity for 2 reasons; the first that I would be attending a training course giving me the chance to refresh my knowledge and the second, for purely personal reasons was that I had the chance to escape a chilly England Winter for the more sunny climate of Dubai.
The course covered modules such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) awareness, the use of breathing apparatus, rescue and first aid.
The most memorable things I took away from the course were the importance of understanding the dangers of H2S, being ever vigilant within my surroundings and never taking chances. Also to always correctly use and properly care for PPE equipment and follow all procedures and instructions issued to you. The ride in the escape basket at great height was also a great memory to leave with.

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