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About Ram Pumps

Ram Pumps Ltd was formed in 1972. Our goal then was the same as it is today, to provide quality, dependable, high pressure reciprocating pumps that meet special requirements in all types of industrial applications.

Our extensive range of pumps and pump packages with their control equipment are individually designed to meet the exact specifications issued by our clients. Ram Pumps Ltd quickly established itself as a leader in the field, counting some of the largest global companies among its clients.

Ram Pumps Corporate Brochure

Typical areas that Ram Pumps products are used in include:

Oil and Gas Pumps

  • Glycol injection or regen
  • Methanol injection
  • Hydrocarbon condensate
  • Hydro test
  • Water production
  • Drill cuttings re-injection
  • Miscible gas

Industrial Pumps

  • Water jetting
  • De-scaling
  • Boiler feed

Reverse Osmosis Pumps

  • De-salination
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceuticals

Ram Pumps has a global presence through an established set of agents who are available to provide support concerning new product supply as well as product support.

To identify youre nearest Ram Pumps agent please make use of the information contained within the contact page.

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